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Council business meetings held on the first Tuesday of each month. 7:30 PM
Council officers for the 21-22 year term listed on the “About” page.

Sunday Breakfast for October

Breakfast is scheduled at the Columbian Club October 24 from 9:00 to 11:30
All you can eat favorites will be served with up along with special order eggs.
Good turnouts, let’s keep it going! $10

FROM: Adam Tumminelli
TO: All Members

Messages From The Virginia State Council

“Just a FYI. I’ll see if I can get off that day. But yes guys. I/we are the first council
to commit to this. Let’s keep getting those A plus’s from the State”.

I’m proud to report that the GK from Council 3548 has committed to provide
4 Knights to carry flags for the Veterans Day Parade on November 11, 2021.
I now need the GK’s from the other three Councils to step up and commit to
supporting the event, also.
Recall that I put out a request from the Fourth Degree Associate Marshall to
support the Veterans Day Parade with 56 Knights to carry the patriotic flags.
The plan is to get 16 Knights from District 1 so then I can then thump the
DD’s from the other Tidewater Districts to get the other 40. I still want to do
Why would we not want to support such a great cause? All I need is 4 guys from
each of the 3 Councils. I’m asking you other GK’s to step up and support it.
Let’s do it. I’m counting on you.
DD1 Dan

Oyster Roast

The annual Oyster Roast is all set to go! It is scheduled for November 6, 2021.
Tickets can be purchased at the facility. All members please try to attend and
bring as many family (and friends) as you can. It has always been our best event
and everyone will have a great time.

More Upcoming Events

October 31–Halloween Trunk or Treat. It was such a big success last year,
plans are to do it again.

‘Round the Council

Coming soon!

Mother Teresa Food Pantry

Have you a need for food? The Blessed Mother Teresa food pantry is open Monday thru Thursday 1-3 pm at Holy Trinity parish office. Must live in the 23503/23518 zip code. Address:

154 W Government Ave, Norfolk, VA 23503 call for more information (757) 480-3433

Night Out with Your Sweet

Thanks to all that worked and all that participated. Everyone had a great night and the KOVAR event was a huge success.”

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Children’s Christmas Party

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