From GK J P Tyminski—Pilgrim Icon Program

A good evening to all! As you know it is almost out turn to have the Icon. PGK Steve
Vetter has stepped up, met with Father, and has things setup. Father will hold the
Icon Prayer Service on May 19 at 7 PM. That’s on a Thursday. He will be the leader
on this since I work in NC on Thursdays and Fridays. Mr. Vetter will take a part in the
reading but others are needed to step and read, too. If I could please get some help
to do so. It is set up in short parts. The first is the reading of the Responorial Psalm,
the second is three different Catechesis, and the third is the Rosary of The Joyful
Mysteries. If not everyone has a book, please see Mr. Vetter to obtain one. Also,
please let me know asap if you can do a part so I can let him know. Otherwise,
reading or not please try to attend. Thanks!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Mothers Day weekend.
( ed. note: see below for additional info)

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