Fraternal Benefit Night

The Abbate agency is promoting another excellent Retirement speaker for our members on March 9th, 2021. As you will read in his biography he is a brother Knight, very familiar with our products, and is very accomplished. Please send the postcard that refers to the Fraternal Benefits Night along with the biography via email to the members, they can either register by typing in the link and registering with their computer, or they can just scan the QR Code with their smartphone to register as well.

Please send the other postcard (Living a Life of Significance)that does not refer to the Fraternal Benefits Night, to the parish to be put into the bulletin so that Catholic families that are not Knights can benefit from the seminar as well.

We have been getting fantastic feedback from the Catholic community in regards to these seminars and every one has had over 600+ people watching and learning from the comfort of their homes from some of the very best experts when it comes to how to be successful in retirement.

If you have any questions, please give me a call on my cell or you can call Jacqui in the office as well.

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