Council Calendar and Newsletter for January 2019

January 8: Columbian Club Meeting at 7:00 PM
January 15: Council Meeting at 7:30 PM
January 29: Council Officers Meeting at 7:00 PM


I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and that your New Year
is starting off well.
I just wrapped up my first six months as your Grand Knight.
It has been very rewarding and challenging. My main concern for
this council is the lack of support and dedication that is needed
to continue our legacy.
With April rapidly approaching and the election of Officers to
follow, the need for volunteers to step up and become involved as
an Officer is very important. Most pressing, is the position of
Grand Knight. Without a dedicated and sincere “leader” Council 3548
will cease to exist.
Please take some time and reflect on your involvement and consider
a position as an Officer. Expecting everyone else to do the work,
means the work wont’t get done.
Paying your dues and staying current is commendable, but that’s not
enough to sustain the council. We have a mission of assisting the
needy and less fortunate. We can only achieve that if we continue to
raise funds with profit-making functions and that takes time,
dedication, and manpower.
Remember and reflect on our motto and why you joined the Knights.
With a concentrated effort of getting more involved, we can continue
our mission.
God bless you all and your families.
Jim Miller
Grand Knight


From the Grand Night:
-I would like to relay some information about an organization that
has a most worthy cause. It is called the
located in Locust Grove, Va.
It is a regional maternity housing and educational center for women
and their children. This facility offers women who are pregnant and
are considering an abortion a viable alternative. It is staffed by
professionals and and trained volunteers. We, as Knights, are in
strict agreement with type of effort and charity. The center operates
on donations by concerned individuals and organizations and is tax
deductible. If any members would like more information or to donate,
it can be done at
Please mention Council #3548 with your inquiry or donation.
Thank You,
Jim Miller
Grand Knight


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